The ALL-NEW IVYBound Video

Prep Course

"I created the IVYBound Video Prep Course during the pandemic because I knew that students would need a safe, convenient, and affordable class that would help them reach their highest scoring potential! And did I's 200-300 average point increase effective? (or 3-6 points on the ACT). With over 25+ hours of instruction and review and 1000+ questions to practice, the ALL-NEW IVYBound Video Prep Course provides students the same level of IVYBound instruction on their time and schedules!" 

- Mr. Roy Lee

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IVYBound Test Prep on YOUR schedule!

Available June 1st
  • 200 - 400 average SAT point increase.

  • 3 - 6 average ACT point increase. 

  • Over 40+ hours of instruction and review

  • 1000+ questions to practice all aspects of each test 

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Over 25 hours of instruction and review on ALL aspect SAT! Taught exclusively by Mr. Roy Lee, the online videos and downloadable lesson material allow you to access your prep from anywhere at anytime!

Online Education
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The ENTIRE IVYBound ACT Program - over 25 hours of instruction & review taught exclusively by Mr. Roy Lee right at

your fingertips anytime

and anywhere! Access lessons, review, and diagnostic tests at your pace.


Access your SAT Prep lessons whenever you want, wherever you want, at your own convenience!

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The BEST Online Video SAT Program at a price that is significantly lower than any competitor's!

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My Online SAT Program covers every aspect of the test and includes a wealth of practice and review!

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IVYBound Students increase an average of 200-400 points on the SAT and 3-6 points on the ACT!

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