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IVYBound students' results speak for themselves

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Allison Armstrong, Stanford 

Divya Ramakrishnan, Stanford

Adam Abdelazizz, Columbia

Danielle Carroll, Yale

Claire Hsu, Yale

Deanna Tsai, Yale

And so many MORE!!!

"Whoever said nice guys finish last obviously hasn’t attended Mr. Roy Lee’s SAT/ACT prep courses. With savvy test-taking strategies that result in real gains across the spectrum, Roy Lee will help you finish closer to the front of the pack than you ever thought possible. Thank you, Mr. Roy, for giving me the tools I needed to maximize my test-taking abilities, achieving a 1560 with a perfect essay score on my first SAT attempt and far exceeding my expectations."

Adam Walker, ATech '18

"Working with Mr. Lee was an absolute pleasure. Not only did he teach me the fundamentals of the SAT, but also greatly improved my test taking and mathematical abilities in general. Before IVYBound, I was unsure on how to solve seemingly obscure math problems that were commonly found on the SAT. Mr. Lee's comprehensive, clever teaching method allowed me to thrive and significantly increase my confidence in mathematics, and my overall score. I recommend Mr. Lee to any students who need assistance with standardized tests"

Rohini Mandal, Green Valley '17


"Roy Lee is the man. It's simple: if you want an exceptional, positive, witty teacher of all things SAT that will raise your score by 200-300 points or more then he's your guy. I won't embarrass the competitors of Roy Lee by comparing them to the guru, but I can proclaim with the outmost confidence that Roy Lee is the best, most engaging, tutor that I have ever known—and that it was a privilege to study with him."

Chris Read, Harvard University


"The decision to go to IvyBound Tutoring was probably the most important step I took in achieving my SAT score. Without Roy's carefully crafted courses specially designed to fit all of the subjects on the SAT, I would not have grown as a student and as an analyst. Because of the improvements that were based upon IvyBound's foundation, I was able to be a National Merit Finalist, get into my top choice college (USC) and receive scholarship. I would highly recommend IvyBound tutoring!"

Caolinn Mezja, USC

Columbia University.jpg

"Roy definitely helped me improve my SAT score. Without him I could not have achieved what I did. All the practice tests and vocab memorization was worth it in the end, as well as the drilled methodical approach to the test. The emphasis on eliminating careless errors and judgement while taking the test really helped me succeed and ensure the highest accuracy. My goal of 2200 or above was definitely exceeded and I can thank Roy for that."

Richard Lee, Columbia University


"Before I enrolled in Roy's IVYBound course, I did not know how to efficiently tackle critical reading passages, format the essay, or spot those petty grammatical errors. However, Roy helped me improve in all these areas. Through all his instruction, I was quickly able to get a hang of scoring high on the SAT. Also, despite his his hectic schedule, Roy would always find time to answer my questions or requests if I needed any help. Thank you, Mr. Roy Lee for your patience and dedication!"

Jennifer Wang, UPenn

University of Chicago.gif

"Mr. Roy Lee was an amazing tutor. He pushed me to do my best and I exceeded my own expectations. He taught me what to expect from certain questions, improved my analyzation, and gave me the right mindset for success on the SAT and I achieved an almost perfect score the first time I took the test in just one month of working with him. If you've got the dedication, Mr. Lee will provide you with the skills and practice it takes to achieve your personal goals. Thank you Roy!"

Alexa Rosario, UChicago


"Mr. Lee helped me achieve an SAT score that I initially only dreamed of. With his help, I was able to improve 700 points! He gives his students all the tools, strategies, and motivation they need to succeed on the test. He is also a wonderful mentor because he's truly able to connect with his students and bring the best out of them. Seriously, I can’t thank him enough – thank you!!!"

Irene Li, Vanderbilt University

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