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The Full Story

Mr. Lee and IVYBound Tutoring

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"I started tutoring and teaching SAT and ACT courses right out of high school and have worked for a number of the nation's largest standardized test prep companies and academies. Over the course of my career, I've developed my own, distinct approach to standardized test and college prep. In that same time, I've grown disillusioned by the entire corporate approach to working with college-bound students. As a career teacher, I've learned the importance of personal attention, and while business growth is appealing, it's unacceptable at the expense of quality instruction and counseling. If you look across the board of test prep materials available today, most of the prep material and "techniques" are similar. Don't fall for gimmicks! Aside from the material, an instructor's specific ability, specialized knowledge, and overall commitment to each student's goals are integral components of their prospective success." 

- Mr. Roy Lee


"My goal is to make the BEST possible SAT & ACT prep accessible and affordable for ALL students! I believe that successful teaching changes habits, and ultimately improves quality of life. My SAT and ACT programs are meant to alleviate the pressures of overwhelming schedules and assignments, allowing students to complete their test prep effectively at their own choice and pace. 


IVYBound Test Prep is for ALL students! I provide a wealth of FREE test prep material in addition to the most competitively-priced courses and online programs available! I want to provide both the BEST and most AFFORDABLE test prep for all willing students who are simply aiming to increase their test scores and their subsequent chances at acceptance to their dream schools!

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