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The ACT Online
Video Course

Tired of Boot Camps? The IVYBound ACT Online Video Course provides the BEST ACT Prep on your time and schedule! This comprehensive course has been trusted by countless students over the last 25 years and is now accessible whenever and wherever you've got a computer or phone and some WIFI! ...and did I mention it's the most affordable course available?!!

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Why work with
the tutor dad
@ IVYBound?

"Hi - I'm Roy Lee - AKA THE TUTOR DAD - and I've been a career tutor for the last 26 years, teaching countless students to maximize their highest scoring potential on the SAT & ACT! Chances are that I've worked with a family member, friend, or classmate of yours! I've helped literally THOUSANDS of students gain acceptance into the Universities of their dreams and earn over 100 million dollars in scholarships! I've taken all my experience over the last two-and-a-half decades and developed the BEST Test Prep Programs available online and my goal is to make it available to ALL students at ALL levels! Whether you're applying to your Dream Ivy League University or attempting to secure the highest amount of scholarship money, my SAT & ACT programs are designed especially for you - the modern high school student!"

- Mr. Roy Lee, The Tutor Dad & 

your Personal ACT & SAT Instructor! 


"Mr. Lee helped me achieve an SAT score that I initially only dreamed of. With his help, I was able to improve my score by almost 500 points! He gives his students all the tools, strategies, and motivation they need to succeed on the test. He is also a wonderful mentor because he's truly able to connect with his students and bring the best out of them. Seriously I can't thank him enough!"

Irene Li, Vanderbilt University

Student Testimonials


Over the last 25 years I've helped thousands of high school students achieve their SAT & ACT goals!

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Unmatched Experience

IVYBound Students increase their scores an average of 200 - 400 points on the SAT and 3 - 7 points on the ACT!

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Proven Results

IVYBound Courses are priced so that ALL students can take advantage of the BEST ONLINE Test Prep available!

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Courses & Tutoring

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Online ACT Video Course:
Comprehensive Review

This course was designed for today's busy high school student! The ENTIRE 6 - Part IVYBound Online MASTERBook ACT Program with expert instruction from your personal ACT expert - Mr. Roy Lee! Each step has comprehensive Lesson Guides & In-Depth Videos covering ALL sections of the test! I'll guide you through EVERY Lesson & EVERY Problem. Upon completion, you'll have access to the IVYBound Fileshare library of the latest ACT Diagnostics for practice & review!  Access the Program @ ANY Time and ANY Location with a WIFI connection! 

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Online Digital SAT Video Course: Comprehensive Review

The New DIGITAL SAT will release in March 2024 for the first time! The 5-Part IVYBound Online MASTERBook SAT Program covers the ALL-NEW online format - with In-Depth Videos and Comprehensive Lesson Guides - covering every aspect of the new Reading and Math modules and the Adaptable Scoring Scale. I'll guide you through EVERY Lesson & EVERY Problem.  Access the Program @ ANY Time and ANY Location with a WIFI connection! Available in Spring 2024!

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1-on-1 Premier SAT Tutoring:

My Flagship Test Prep Program - the BEST of the BEST - the ENTIRE IVYBound Online SAT or ACT Program combined with Comprehensive Review Sessions with the nation's BEST SAT & ACT tutor for over 25 years - Mr. Roy Lee! I'll work with you 1-on-1 to cover EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that you need to prepare - tailoring lessons, schedules, and even your testing calendar so that you're absolutely ready to maximize your highest scoring potential on either test! You'll also have access to the exclusive IVYBound META Online Diagnostic Portal and Fileshare library, which contains the latest SAT & ACT tests available for practice and review!


Tutoring Roster Spots are limited each season!


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Online LIVE Summer 2024 
SAT & ACT Courses

The Online IVYBound SAT & ACT Courses w/ exclusive LIVE review sessions with Mr. Lee! Prepare for the Fall & Winter SATs & ACTs during the summer break and receive personal classroom instruction from the BEST SAT/ACT instructor in the nation - Mr. Roy Lee! Spaces are LIMITED so register today!

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Check out the Tutor Dad Youtube Channel for SAT & ACT Prep Shorts, Testing Advice & Exclusive Tools to help you prepare for the


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I'm here to help you maximize your highest scoring potential and make the college process significantly easier for you! Feel free to reach out!


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