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IVYBound MASTERBOOK SAT Prep Course: Reading

  • 365Days
  • 14Steps


The SAT Reading section can be one of the most difficult sections to tackle because it is completely different from the concepts taught in the average high school English course. The IVYBound Methods to SAT Reading - including Question Chronology, S.O.E., and Main Idea Recognition - help students approach each individual passage type with full understanding of the questions they will face and the best method to find the correct answers!  The in-depth 4-section, 8-step lesson program will take you through all of the different passage-types - including Dual Reading Passages and Historical Reference Passages - and all of the different question-types - including 2-part Statement & Evidence Questions and Passage Comparison Questions. My approach to the Reading section is unlike any other in the industry - whether you're running out of time on the section or always "choosing the wrong one" between your remaining two answer choices, the IVYBound method of breaking down SAT Reading passages will help you maximize your highest scoring potential!

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