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IVYBound SAT MASTERBOOK Video Course: ALL Sections

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SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER: For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, get the ENTIRE IVYBound SAT Course for the lowest introductory price! I want everyone to try the BEST SAT Program available online! Let me start by saying something a bit crazy... THE SAT IS A STUPID TEST! If you've ever felt dumb because of all the hype that surrounds this test throughout your high school years, you shouldn't! This test only measures how well you take this particular test! It just so happens that it is potentially important for your college applications and scholarships! In fact, one of the ONLY good things about the SAT is the fact that it is consistently written - year in and year out students are given similar math content, similar passage and question types, and similar grammatical errors. This means that the SAT is ultimately a beatable test! If you build an in-depth question inventory and learn the ins-and-outs of the different passages and errors, you can almost anticipate what will come next, whether it be where to locate a particular piece of evidence for your answer or what a seemingly complicated math question is asking you to find! The IVYBound SAT Course is unlike any other SAT course online! I've worked with literally thousands of students over the last two decades to help them reach their highest scoring potential on the SAT! If you follow my IVYBound program diligently, there's nothing keeping you from making significant progress towards your goal score!

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