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The IVYBound FREE Online SAT Course is a 4-part program that covers ALL sections of the test, providing you with a strong foundation of prep to begin your journey towards your GOAL SAT score! Each lesson is taught exclusively by Mr. Roy Lee - your personal SAT expert -taking insight from his 25-years of test-prep experience and placing them in your hands!

SAT Test Prep for LESS than a BOBA Tea!

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The FREE IVYBound SAT Course will help build a solid foundation of prep for you to begin mastering the SAT! I will personally walk you through the comprehensive 4-unit course that covers each section of the test, including a full-length diagnostic test at the end. Find out just what it means to be IVYBound!


PART 1: FREE SAT Reading Lesson

           - Intro to SAT Reading Lesson

           - The Importance of Chronology

Part 2: FREE SAT Writing Lesson

           - Intro to SAT Writing Lesson

           - The 50/50 Method of Elimination

Part 3: FREE SAT Math Lesson

           - Intro to SAT Math Lesson

           - Lesson Drills and Review Video

Part 4: SAT Diagnostic Test (APR17)

           - Diagnostic Test, Scantron & Proctor Link

           - Scoring your SAT: Answers & Scoring

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